A. Mason’s latest release, Blues for Your Grass, is reflective of the many touchstones of his musical life.  Playing out in rock clubs from the early age of 14, Mason drummed, sang, and strummed in bands whose inspirations were rock and roll, roots music, British invasion, and new wave (to name a few).  After years of performing in many humble joints (and a few famous ones), he became fixated on the piano, eventually translating this love into a living as a cocktail pianist.  New Orleans piano styles, jazz and blues began coloring his songwriting, appearing in various ways on his first two solo releases, Illumination and Off CameraBlues for Your Grass brings back a large dose of earlier influences, with some obvious New Orleans moments in the mix.

        In recent years Mason has also been writing big band charts and other concert music, receiving a Masters of Music Composition from Brooklyn College in 2018.  He has contributed music to films, held multiple composition residencies, and won two awards: the 2018 Noah Creshevsky Award, and the 2016 HISAM award for cross-cultural exploration.     

Earlier Days

         In his 20's Mason was the drummer and harmonist with the Blueberries, drumming occasionally with a variety of other bands, including Paul K, Altered Statesman, and others. Episodes of note include a tour opening for Michelle Shocked in a trio with Max Johnston (the Gourds, Wilco), and a multi-year stint as a midday Host and DJ at WRVG - a public radio station mixing roots music and AAA programming in Central Kentucky.  For many years he played with Lexington favorites the Swells and the Big Maracas. He also collaborated with Azniv Korkejian (Bedouine) in a piano/vocal duo, playing classic jazz and favorites from the New Orleans repertoire.


         Mason's music has been featured in the 2018 Composers Now festival in NYC, the 2015 Choreo/Comp showcase at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts, a 2014 Brooklyn production of Becky Shaw, and the films Its the Fuller Brush Man (2017), Hitting the Cycle (2012), and Diana's Hair Ego REMIX for Day Without Art 2017.

Other Work

         While music has been the main focus over the years, Andy also produces work as a painter, print-maker, and photographer.


for Off Camera:

"An expert pop outing full of deftly played, articulately written and crisply produced songs.  Imagine the cunning songcraft and vocal finesse of Squeeze's early-'80s records but with arrangements that favor a more traditional, almost parlor-style pop setting, and you have an idea..." 

     - Walter Tunis, Lexington Herald-Leader